Brian MacCarty

Brian has been on the NX Bar most of his life. He has managed the ranch for 30+ years and knows the land like the back of his hand. He also oversees the cattle operation at the 28 Ranch. In addition to being a great hunting outfitter and guide, he is a horseman extraordinaire and roping enthusiast.

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Scott Alexander

Scott has worked at the NX Bar for over 26 years. He is the Assistant Manger and in charge of Human Resources. In his spare time, he enjoys playing hockey and swinging clubs on the green. He’s a true family man and is his kids’ biggest sports fan.

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Cortney Pearce

Cortney has been a valued and dedicated employee of the NX Bar since 1996. He is responsible for the breeding program at the ranch’s well established elk facility. He also keeps the lodge well maintained inside and out.

Cortney's Gallery

Sam Davis

Sam has been an NX Bar employee since 2003. While he has filled many roles in the past, he is now the head fencer, guides in the fall, and cowboys at the 28 Ranch when needed. There’s no mountain too tall or canyon too steep to slow Sam down. In his off time, he enjoys scouting, shed hunting, hiking, and hunting with his family and friends. Predators Never Quit.

Sam's Gallery

Tommy Roush

Tommy is our master plumber for both ranches. There is nothing he can’t fix. In addition, he guides for us in the fall and is our predator control. He specializes in treeing mountain lions, with the aid of his hounds. While Thomas is around, you’re sure to get a good laugh, at him or with him.

Juan Ponce

Juan is a long time employee of the NX Bar. He currently cowboys at the 28 Ranch where his attributes truly shine. Along with being an exceptional horseman and silversmith, Juan is also one of our hunting guides in the fall and is sure to get you a great shot.

Juan's Gallery

Dustin McHenry

Dustin is our head mechanic for both ranches. He can fix anything with a hammer. In the fall, he also helps guide hunters and keeps the vehicles running smooth. Boating, fishing, and camping are some of his favorite pastimes.

Michael Fordyce

Mikey is a hand that can haul any size load we need. Whether it’s between ranches with hay and equipment or across the country with mounts and processed meat, Mikey is the guy for the job. All he needs are his smokes and Twizzlers. While not on the road, he can be found in the shop welding or horseback at the 28 Ranch.

Matt Culver

Matt is the head chef at the NX Bar lodge. Guests can not get enough of all his tasty foods and you’re guaranteed not to leave hungry. In the off season, Matt helps with the grounds keeping.

Dee Reisch

Dee is our dessert specialist at the NX Bar lodge. Her baking will satisfy any craving your sweet tooth desires. She is as sweet as the desserts she serves. Breakfast is also one of her specialties. Though Dee loves the ranch life, she flies south for the winter.

Callie Crouse

Callie oversees various aspects of the NX Bar lodge and serves as a liaison for lodge staff and guests. She is also in charge of the gift shop, so be sure to stop in and say hi and pick up some NX Bar souvenirs. But what she loves most is riding her horses and helping with cow work at the 28 Ranch.

Justin Hammerich

Justin is a great cowboy at the 28 Ranch and can rope with the best of them. He is an all around hand for the ranch. Most of all, Justin loves spending time with his family.