The question is always asked, what do I need?

Well it depends first and foremost on time of year, activities involved and means of transportation.
  • Winter (December-March): Its COLD. Cold weather clothing is very necessary, especially coat, gloves, hat and warm boots. Lows of 20 below but average temp is probably 30 degrees.
  • Spring (April-June): Mud. It is our rainy season and rain gear and muck boots are nice to have. It can snow until June but not likely. Cool nights warm days.
  • Summer (July-September): Hot and dry usually cooling off in September.
  • Fall (October-November): Any or all of the above.

 All Season Items

  • Camera
  • Gloves
  • Binoculars
  • Warm hat
  • Day Pack
  • Knife
  • Good boots
  • Slippers