Scott Alexander

Scott has worked at the NX Bar for over 18 years. He is involved in all aspects of the ranch and knows every part of it! He and Brian have a lifetime of stories one for every hill.

Scott's Gallery

John Baumgartner

John has hunted and guided his whole life and knows good animals. He is in charge of the cattle and ranch operations at the 28 Ranch. Listen to what he says because it is coming from experience.

John's Gallery

Sam Davis (& Duke)

Sam works for John at the 28 ranch.  There is no mountain too high for him so be cautious when you get out of the truck, its hard to keep up with him! Duke is the most loyal and best shed hunting dog you will ever meet.

Sam's Gallery

Zach Dewitt

Zach is our carpenter at the Nx Bar. He and Sam are great friends, so put on your hiking shoes and be prepared to have a laugh or two while you’re out in the hills. He is an all-around hand that can build anything and help on the ranch wherever its needed.

Todd Gainan

Todd comes down from Billings, Mt to help us guide. Always in the middle of the laughs, he has been on and around the ranch for years and will get you where you need to be.

Cortney Pearce

Cortney has worked on the ranch for over 15 years, and loves to find the big bucks! He is also in charge of  IT for both ranches.

Cortney's Gallery

Juan Ponce

Juan is the best hunter you can find. He may get you too close! He has many talents from horse training to making bows/arrows, bits and spurs. Most of all he is always fun to be around.

Juan's Gallery

Brian MacCarty

Brian has been on the ranch most of his life and  managing it for 25+ years. He loves to share his piece of paradise with everyone who visits, there is a story over every hill!

Brian's Gallery

Nate Winterland

Nate is our resident taxidermist and can preserve your trophy for a lifetime. He is also a very respected guide.

Nate's Gallery

Tommy Roush

Tommy and his amazing dogs are always being asked to track mountain lion. He is a tracker, trapper, and great guide. He is also the ranch plumber. He has an infectious laugh and always has a joke. Wear your floaties cause he’s not afraid to cross any river!